Voices of Support

“CASAs know how to speak both the legal language of court and the love language of children. Current Oregon law mandates
the courts to appoint a CASA for every child in foster care, yet this mandate is woefully underfunded.”
~ Rep. Duane Stark, Grants Pass
“The US Department of Justice has supported CASA advocacy since 1985 through its
Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.”
~ US Department of Justice
“As an attorney who has worked in the child welfare system the past 30 years, I have seen the difference CASA makes for children. I appreciate these volunteers in our community who are there to give the child a voice, and to make sure the most vulnerable have someone in their corner.  When I represent a child, I frequently depend on the CASA to provide me with input and information so I can more effectively do my job in court.  Three cheers for CASA and all of the amazing work they do!”   
~ Holly A. Preslar, Attorney at Law
“Often a CASA can do practical legwork in a case that would be very difficult for a child’s attorney to accomplish.
The CASA can provide information that helps the parents and caseworker resolve issues,
or bring to their attention issues that they might not have known about.”
~ Rebecca Peterson, Attorney, Josephine County
“As a judge, I see the CASA as a critical, impartial voice in the courtroom. A CASA advocates for the best interests of the child, unrestrained by the interests of any particular party. In many ways CASAs operate as the judge’s eyes and ears,
observing the child in places a judge would never be able to see, such as in their home, with their parents, and at school.  A CASA can draw attention to overlooked gaps in services, provide support to the child,
and be a proponent of the child’s educational and health needs outside the courtroom.”
~ Sarah E. McGlaughlin, Josephine County Circuit Court Judge
“I’m feeling good about being the CASA on this case. The children’s attorney stated in court that this was one of the
worst cases of child neglect he has seen. I’ve been able to interface with the school district to help facilitate the
child’s placement in a special needs program. The assistant DA and the ODHS worker both approached me after
court to thank me for my advocacy on the child’s behalf.“
~ CASA Jody
“Having been a CASA for the past sixteen years, I can honestly say that doing CASA work is the most satisfying thing I have ever done. The work is essential in advocating for the best interests of children in the foster care system. While Josephine County’s CASAs are a trained and dedicated group of individuals, there are more foster children than there are available CASAs. I urge anyone who might be interested in exploring the CASA world to contact the local office and attend an hour-long orientation to see if being a CASA might be right for you.
~ CASA Don