The Need

Help us reach our goal

Our goal is to have a CASA for every foster child in Josephine County by the year 2025. In order to do so, we need adequate and sustainable funding to maintain a professional support staff that will assemble, train and retain our extraordinary CASA volunteers. These volunteers are the true community heroes in our foster children’s lives. With your help, we can achieve this goal. 

We need CASA volunteers

Become a CASA

Josephine County is in desperate need of more CASA volunteers. Although Oregon state law stipulates that every child in foster care “shall have a CASA,” less than half of the 400 foster children in our community receive that support. More than 200 foster children are waiting for their CASA.

This is a heartbreaking statistic as we have seen an increase in the severity of abuse and neglect cases. There are not enough foster homes for these children, and Josephine County has no children’s shelter.